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Hi there, welcome to Sherwood Reception Class! Our teachers are Mrs Scott (Monday –Thursday) and Mrs Carman (Friday), we also have our wonderful teaching assistant Mrs de Prez.


Sherwood class is where children take their first step on the journey that is ‘primary school’. We learn both indoors and outdoors through the magical world of play. It is here children develop their characteristics of effective learning and lay the foundations for their future education. We fully immerse ourselves into stories and songs and continue this learning throughout our enhanced and continuous provision. We explore our local surroundings and go on many adventures!


 In Sherwood Class we love to hear what happens at home. We want to hear about all of the achievements no matter how big or small. If you are proud of your child then we would like to celebrate this. There are many ways for you to inform us about these:

Talk to us - You can talk to us either at the start of the day or at the end of the day.

Class Dojo - Within class we are using an app called Class Dojo. This allows us to share photographs, of what is happening in class. It also allows us to post reminders and key dates for you. Please ask if you need any more support with accessing this.

Facebook - Our school also has a Facebook page, please search ‘Woodside Primary’ and add us as a friend. You can keep up to date with all of the school information.

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