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Staff at Woodside 



Mr R E Collings

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs L Houghton

Mrs J Nelson


Mrs C Percival


Teaching Staff

Sherwood Class (Reception)

Mrs H Scott (Mon - Thur)

Mrs L Carman (Friday)

Delamere Class (Yr 1 & 2)

Mrs L Houghton

Thetford Class (Yr 3 & 4)

Mrs C Hayes

(Mrs Robinson with Yr 4 in the morning)

Grizedale Class (Yr 5)

Mrs A Heath

Whinfell Class (Yr 6)

Mrs J Nelson

Epping Class (Unit Resource Base)

Mrs C Percival

PPA Cover

Mrs C Whitaker

Teaching Assistants

Sherwood - Mrs M de Prez

Delamere - Mrs P Steadman

Thetford - Miss E de Prez

Grizedale - Mrs J Scarisbrick

Whinfell - Mr S Shaw

Epping - Mrs H Howard

1:1 Staff

Mrs J Halle

Miss E Langton

Mrs Reed


Admin Staff

Miss J Hughes

Miss M de Prez

School Catering - Halton Borough Council
Cook in Charge

Mrs S Edwards


Mid-day Assistants

Mrs J Morris

Mrs M Abbott

Mrs L Chave-Doncaster

Miss J Scarisbrick

Site Manager

Mr T Collins

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